a home away from home

9419 Bandley Dr.

Fountain, CO 80817




our facility

a home away from home

This project has been a very personal labor of love for our family, and we put a lot of thought and love into the building of our facility. Boardmoor is a 18,807 sq ft. (102’x185’) resort of pure entertainment and relaxation for your pet. Our goal is to be a home away from home for your cherished fur baby.

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what we do to keep your pet healthy during their stay

  • Require essential vaccines for boarding and spa services (These must be give at least 7 days prior to boarding)
    • Dogs ( Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies (Canine Influenza is not required but is highly recommended)
  • All kennel floors are coated with an antimicrobial acrylic floor
  • Kennels are cleaned and sanitized a minimum of once per day
  • Food and water dishes are cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Air is recirculated consistently 24/7
  • Temperature is kept between 65-70 degrees
Boardmoor Pet Resort